Birthright of Columbus, Inc.

Birthright of Columbus

Birthright is a pregnancy support organization for any woman who experiences unplanned pregnancy. They offer free pregnancy testing, maternity and baby clothing. All services are free. Birthright is interdenominational, non-judgmental and a friend to any pregnant woman. They have many resources to help you find resources that you need. They believe it is the right of every woman to give birth and the right of every child to be born. Birthright’s focus is on loving the mother, reminding her that there is hope and ensuring she is not alone. There are many volunteer opportunities available for those who share their philosophy.


Help all women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant; provide loving, non-judgmental support to women and their families; support women so that they can bring their babies to full-term.


2453 W. Mound St, Columbus, OH 43204
(614) 221-0844



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