Shayera Janota on Origami and Creating Folded Forms

By Monica Salisbury, founder and director of Ohio Paper Folders

Ohio Paper Folders founder and director Monica Salisbury asked artist and origami teacher Shayera Janota some questions about her work. Shayera will be teaching with Ohio Paper Folders at upcoming events in the months ahead. Shayera’s work was most recently exhibited at the Ohio State Fair.

Monica: What drew you to origami?
Shayera: I enjoy the creation involved in origami, being able to hold a piece of paper and turn it into a flower, dinosaur, plane or geometric pattern.

Monica: What is your profession? Do you see any similarities between your work and origami?
Shayera: I work in customer service, mostly taking phone calls. Origami is a great way to spend time when I’m stuck on hold with a store or making outbound calls.

Monica: Do you have any formal arts training? Do you see any influence or benefit to your origami work from your other pursuits?
Shayera: I have a degree in cinema. There’s a definite relation between the two as I work on a display, taking into account the model, color and texture of the paper, and the way the finished product is presented.

Monica: Whats your favorite food and do you prepare it yourself? If not, where do you go to get it?
Shayera: I love to bake and I’m looking for a good pound cake recipe. Also, Indian food. My favorite restaurant is Amul India.

Monica: Do you have additional time to work on your origami since the pandemic has closed so many activities?
Shayera: In theory, yes. One of my stay at home goals was to turn some previously folded models into ornaments. I also finished my big project for the Fair. This was before the Fair was canceled.

Monica: Do you think that the community at large could benefit from learning origami?
Shayera: Definitely. It may not be for everyone, but it could be a good stress release for a lot of people. All it takes is a bit of time and paper (I recommend junk mail – it’s cheap and abundant).

If youre interested in origami and would like to help Ohio Paper Folders you could call us at (740) 334-4213 to help us with our community outreach programs. As issues with the pandemic resolve we will be resuming our normal scheduling. For information on meetings or CenterFold visit or (740) 334-4213.


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