Tim Tucker Makes an Engineered Fold

Tim Tucker

By Monica Salisbury, President of Ohio Paper Folders

Ohio Paper Folders hosts their annual CenterFold Origami Convention Aug. 10-12 at the Marriott Columbus Northwest in Dublin. The event features exhibitions, classes and speakers. Tim Tucker, a Westerville resident, is a career engineer and member of Ohio Paper Folders. Tim, who is referred to as “Grumpy Guy,” will be working and perhaps exhibit at CenterFold, which features an exhibition, along with classes and speakers. Ohio Paper Folders founder Monica Salisbury met with Tim and they talked about his work.

Monica: Why origami?
Tim: My son, Jon, is an extremely talented origami artist/designer. Watching him work inspired me to try origami. My work isn’t on par with Jon’s but that doesn’t preclude the enjoyment of the process.

Monica: Do you have a preference in what you fold and why? Would you say you have a favorite model?
Tim: Functional models like boxes are great. I like a model called the twist bowl and the secret heart box, but my favorite is a spinning top; it’s a three-piece modular design.


Monica: Do you feel you learn anything from teaching origami?
Tim: There are always lessons learned about yourself/others when teaching. It continues to surprise me how many interpretations a single phrase of direction can have.

Monica: What is the best thing about the Columbus art scene right now?
Tim: The breadth of artists and styles that it attracts.

Monica: What’s your favorite food and do you prepare it yourself? If not, where do you go to get it?
Tim: Bread. Sometimes I bake it myself, but most often I buy it from one of the many wonderful bakeries around town, such as La Chatelaine.

Monica: Do you think that the community at large could benefit from learning origami?
Tim: There are numerous benefits including increased patience, better spatial skills and appreciation of the beauty of a simple medium like paper.

Learn from Tim and see his work at Ohio Paper Folders’ annual CenterFold Origami Convention, Aug. 10-11 at the Marriott Columbus Northwest in Dublin. Register for the convention and learn more about Ohio Paper Folders at ohiopaperfolders.com or by calling (740) 334-4213.


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