Allison & Adam Lehman Give Small Businesses a Voice

Allison and Adam Lehman together own and operate local marketing & branding service, The Wonder Jam. As a team, the Lehmans are inspired to aid businesses akin to their own and inspire others to do the same along the way. “We really love working with individuals, [especially] entrepreneurs who are just starting up, small businesses, and specifically within that I would say tiny businesses because we are those folks,” Adam said. Everything they do is focused on the client, not the bottom line. Adam described saving funds and reducing their own personal budget not only for their peace of mind, but for their clients. “It kept us from having to turn clients into just dollar signs we’re chasing, but actually looking at people as people we can help. It’s huge.” Throughout their experiences, the team is constantly working and inspired by the advancements their clients are making. Allison explained: “That same type of success is happening for our clients where they have the means and the time to improve upon some of the things they had maybe ignored in the past. That’s encouraging.”

What would you say about your neighborhood? What makes it stand out for you?
Allison: Grandview feels like a small neighborhood. It’s only 3 miles from downtown and it’s very walkable.
Adam: Grandview is very walkable, energetic and is the kind of area of Columbus where you can get to know the “regulars” at your favorite restaurant or coffee shops.

What other neighborhoods do you frequent?
Allison: Short North, Harrison West and Clintonville.
Adam: I spend time in Upper Arlington, Downtown and German Village.

Top three places to go in Columbus:
Allison: One Line Coffee, Junior’s Tacos, and The Wex
Adam: Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, Grandview Grind, The Pearl

Favorite event in Columbus:
Allison: Columbus Arts Fest
Adam: Pick any of the beer fests and those will do.

If you could have been the inventor of something, what would it be?
Allison: I would like to invent a better way to communicate project management information visually.
Adam: I’d like to spend a billion dollars working with designers to invent a software suite that eliminates the need for Adobe Creative Suite.

What inspires you?
Allison: Fresh air. Human emotion.
Adam: Watching individuals step out of the path that’s been carved for them by everyone else, doing something a little bit weird, and chasing their dreams.

Allison: Back in the day I really loved adding to my rock and pencil collection, learning yo-yo tricks and trading Pokemon cards. I feel like I should pick those back up….
Adam: I love popping in my headphones, leaving the apartment and getting lost walking around my neighborhood. Also, the occasional happy hour with friends is always a good use of my time.

Published on April 6, 2015



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