Breana McGrier Performs with the Columbus Cultural Orchestra

By Megan Wetzel, operations manager for the Columbus Cultural Orchestra

Breana McGrier is a violinist in the Columbus Cultural Orchestra. She is a senior at Worthington Kilbourne High School. She is undecided in her major at the moment, but some of her aspirations include becoming a chef, violinist, photographer and writer.

Megan: What made you decide on the violin?
Breana: I was in fifth grade. I remember we got to look at all the instruments laid out and for some reason, I was drawn to the violin. It was the smallest one and I liked how high it could go compared to the other instruments.

Megan: Who would be three artists who influence the way that you play?
Breana: I’ve always been a Michael Jackson fan. I also love Justin Timberlake and Erykah Badu.

Megan: How did you get involved with CCO?
Breana: I’m pretty sure my mom saw a Facebook post and I was getting a little tired of classical everyday at school. So I tried it out and here we are.

Megan: How would you say you got better since joining CCO?
Breana: I am more confident in my music and my sound. I feel like I can compose my own type of playing style instead of falling into a regular style or being in the background.

Megan: What advice would you give to students who wish to start an orchestral instrument?
Breana: I would say it takes a little practice, but it’s worth it. You have to find how it fits you and learn what makes you love your instrument.

Megan: How do you feel before going on stage for a show?
Breana: I always feel a little nervous, but once I get out there and warm myself up then I feel good and the crowd gets into it so it’s always fun.

Megan: If you could introduce yourself to any modern artist, who would it be?
Breana: Bruno Mars. I feel like he’s a really good songwriter with a lot of good hits.

Look for Breana performing with the Columbus Cultural Orchestra during its 2023-24 season. More details and announcements can be found at ccomusic.org.

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