Brianna Gluszak, Hannah Parrett and Sky Dai Exhibit at ROY G BIV

By Lynette Santoro-Au, director of ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists

ROY G BIV Gallery presents work by emerging artists Brianna Gluszak, Hannah Parrett and Sky Dai Feb. 12 – March 6, with an opening scheduled from 6-8 p.m. during Franklinton Fridays, Feb. 12. Recently I connected with the artists while we were curating their exhibition and they responded to the questions ROY asked.

Lynette: When did you start creating art?
Brianna: I was always interested in art, even as a young child. I seriously began thinking about art as more of a career after my undergraduate degree in art. At the time I was working as a glass blowing intern at Starworks Center for Creative Enterprise in North Carolina. I realized in that time that I wasn’t satisfied just making functional objects, but that I wanted to work in a more sculptural fashion. I have always been more interested in the process of making than in art itself so this was a big shift for me. Beginning my thinking around combining my making practice into an art dialogue which has continued over the years.

Sky: I’ve always been an artist. My father had a BFA so when I was really young, he would show me drawing techniques. In grade school, I wanted to be an author and illustrator so I would write and illustrate lots of little books, stories, novels. I became really serious about being an artist when I was 16 and was in treatment for an eating disorder, and two years ago I decided to become an oil painter.

Lynette: What do you love most about creating?
Hannah: My favorite part about the process of creating is when I hit a flow in the studio, especially when I surprise myself with certain decisions and unexpected results happen. It’s in these moments where I learn something about myself that I didn’t know before, which helps me grow in different ways. I also find it really rewarding when I can connect with people who are very different from me. I think it’s what keeps me going back to the studio, otherwise I would just be talking to myself.

Lynette: What is your creative process?
Sky: I get my inspiration from traumatic experiences, memories, dreams, road trips, meditation, relationships, spirituality, symbology and imagery that come to me in the bath. I usually write and draw about it in my sketchbook and take reference photos I might need, research similar artists or processes, decide what medium or material it should take shape as, and then get to work.

Lynette: What’s the best thing about the Columbus art scene right now?
Brianna: Having lived in many different places around the world, I value the Columbus art scene for its diversity and generous supportive organizations. It’s rare in a city to see so much support for artists and here in Columbus and I value programs like Columbus Makes Art and the Greater Columbus Arts Council for their support to artists in all stages of career. Columbus is diverse in its art scene and it’s amazing to see so many different types of people as well as styles and mediums of work are represented in this city. I am happy and honored to be part of such a vibrant local arts community!

Hannah: Right now, I would say that Columbus has offered so much support to artists in the form of grants though GCAC, as well as allowing for the possibility of online shows and safe ways to see work in person. I think Columbus has a really broad and diverse art scene. I’ve always appreciated the Wexner Center for the Arts for their programming, but also the work that smaller galleries put forward in supporting local artists from various Columbus communities.

Sky: I definitely have a lot of close friends, colleagues and connections here, so it’s great to share space with other creatives and collaborate on projects and shows.

See work by Gluszak, Parrett and Dai Feb. 12 – March 6 at ROY G BIV Gallery, 435 W. Rich St. in Franklinton. An opening is scheduled from 6-8 p.m. during Franklinton Fridays, Feb. 12.

Since 1989, ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists has nurtured and supported emerging makers by providing education, juried feedback, sought-after exposure to the community and space to exhibit their work. More information can be found on our website www.roygbivgallery.org.



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