Caitlin Crum Showcases Her Abstract Experimental Paintings at the Art Crawl

By Mark Weiss, Marketing Manager for the German Village Society

The German Village Art Crawl presented by CoverMyMeds takes place on Saturday, July 15 and features 38 regional artists that transform Macon Alley into mini-galleries as they display, sell and even demonstrate their work. We caught up with Caitlin Crum, one of the featured artists of the Crawl.

Mark: When did you get started working in your medium?

Caitlin: I have always had the art-bug in me having started drawing when I could first hold a pencil in my hand. This particular medium was a result of my Senior Thesis at Columbus College of Art & Design. I wanted my thesis art to be based on experimentation without the sense of control. I wanted the control over color, but have the painting actually decide the outcome.

Mark: How do you describe your work to people?

Caitlin: The paintings explore ever-evolving relationships between the artist, the painting and in the end, the viewer. The technical name for my art is Abstract Expressionism Color field paintings. For me I call these abstract experiments.

Mark: What’s the most challenging thing about your work, and what’s the most exciting part of it?

Caitlin: The most challenging thing I run into is from the moment the painting is started I have complete control of the pigments and the palette. Trying to get the right mixtures; the randomness of the outcomes of the paints sometimes turn out horribly. If it is really bad I will ether cut and remove the parts I don’t like, or cover it up with more paint.

The most exciting part of making my art is the surprise of what comes out of all of my experimentation. I have always had a problem of over-working some of my painting in the past; with these new paintings as soon as the paint has dried, they feel instantly complete.

Mark: What will you be showcasing during the German Village Art Crawl?

Caitlin: In this year’s German Village Art Crawl, I will be showcasing abstract paintings I have been working on since graduation from CCAD. The paintings are a play on independence.

Mark: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Caitlin: I would like to say I would love to meet some of the artists that have inspired my work, but most of those artists were crazy. So If I could have dinner with someone it would definitely be Galileo Galilei — he was considered the father of modern science.

Find Caitlin’s work and the work of 37 other artists at the German Village Art Crawl presented by CoverMyMeds, Saturday, July 15 from 5-9 p.m. Guests can enjoy live music from Anna & the Consequences, The Salty Caramels and Ryan Smith, savor wine and beer tastings from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing and Platform Beer Company, and celebrate the rich tradition of arts patronage and collection that continues to thrive in Historic German Village. Guests are encouraged to use the back of their Art Crawl ticket as a passport to traverse Macon Alley and sample a portion of the best culinary offerings in German Village. For tickets and information, visit germanvillage.com/artcrawl.


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