Carly Wheaton on Dancing with BalletMet and Her Favorite Places in Columbus

Photo credit Jennifer Zmuda

By Tracy Tucker, interim marketing director at BalletMet

Carly Wheaton, a native of Marin County, CA, has been with BalletMet since 2015. Prior to her move to Columbus, she danced with Ballet Memphis and The Washington Ballet. Wheaton will dance in Edwaard Liang’s Giselle playing the Davidson Theatre Feb. 11-19. We chatted with her about her background in dance and some of her favorite food and music these days.

Tracy: When did you start dancing?
Carly: I was seven years old, so I’ve been dancing for 21 years now.

Tracy: You’ve been with BalletMet for seven seasons and with other companies prior to that. Are there still challenges that you work on as a dancer?
Carly: Yes, there are always challenges as a dancer. I think the thing I am working on the most right now is being in the moment when I am on stage.

Tracy: What are your strengths as a dancer?
Carly: I think my work ethic is there and that helps me feel prepared when it is time to perform. It also helps keep me present on stage.

Photo credit Jennifer Zmuda

Tracy: Do you prefer classical or more modern ballet?
Carly: I like them both. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to like contemporary ballet more. Modern seems to be more challenging sometimes with body awareness, but classical reminds me of why I fell in love with ballet in the beginning.

Tracy: What is your most memorable dance performance personally?
Carly: The world premiere of Edwaard Liang’s Giselle in the 2018/19 season was very special for me, so I am looking forward to performing in that again this season. Another one that comes to mind is Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain.

Tracy: What one role do you still hope to dance one day?
Carly: I would love to dance the role of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

Photo credit Jennifer Zmuda

Tracy: What are some of your favorite places in Columbus?
Carly: Sycamore Café. Pistacia Vera – I love their almond croissant. Oakland Nursery – I been there a lot in the last couple of years!

Tracy: What’s on your playlist these days?
Carly: Walking in the Sun- Pang! / Immunity- Jon Hopkins  / Bones- Michael Kiwanuka / Kathleen- Josh Ritter / Chariot- Mega / California Stars- Billy Brag, Wilco / Love is All- The Tallest Man On Earth  / Go It Alone- Beck

Tracy: What’s the best thing about the Columbus art scene right now?
Carly: The community here. There is a collaborative and undeniably supportive energy among the artists here in Columbus. With the changes these past two years brought, I have seen local artists show up for each other in big ways. It’s inspiring.

Carly Wheaton will dance in Edwaard Liang’s Giselle playing the Davidson Theatre Feb. 11-19. For tickets, please visit www.balletmet.org.


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