Charity Spotlight: Music Loves Ohio

By Chris Alexis

The research is clear: music education is extremely beneficial to students. Tragically, it’s also sometimes out of reach. This is where Music Loves Ohio (MLO), a non-profit organization, seeks to hit the right note within our community.

MLO “knocks down financial barriers between Central Ohio youth and their passion for music,” said Matt Crumpton, of the organization. “We provide organizational grants to Central Ohio youth music organizations and individual grants to enable exceptional musicians with a financial need to pursue music at the college level.”

Music can have an incredible impact on the life of a child, he said. Studies have revealed it can swell IQ, increase neural activity, improve spatial-temporal skills, and lead to improved test scores. “In addition to the math and science benefits, music provides a way for students to express themselves creatively,” he said.

Volunteers can help bridge the gap between kids in need of music and the cost required to get involved.

Crumpton said “98% of the revenue that comes in to MLO goes back to the community in the form of helping Central Ohio youth pursue their passion for music.”

Visit www.musiclovesohio.org for more information.

Published on September 28, 2016



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