Charity Spotlight: The Alpha Group

By Kerrigan Peoples

Disabled adults in Delaware and surrounding counties are getting help to succeed thanks to the nonprofit organization, The Alpha Group. The nonprofit organization provides community services, general skills to become employed, supportive living, and more in order to develop skills to live and work.

“Our ultimate goal is to support and champion people when they are on their path to success,” says Liz Owens, CEO of The Alpha Group.

The Alpha Group also provides daily transportation of approximately 1,600 trips per month, as well as community employment, which usually includes internships with hospitals, United Healthcare, and partners of the Alpha Group. A lawn crew and cleaning service will also be provided to anyone who needs it.

“We have over 105 people on the staff and bring in an additional 35 volunteers over the summer,” says Owens. “But we always have job openings for anyone who truly wants to help these adults and The Alpha Group.”

To support their services, The Alpha Group has numerous fundraising events. In early spring is their casino night, filled with gaming and silent auctions. Coming up on July 20, is their Cake Decorating Contest in conjunction with a local food truck festival. The contest, which has a $25 entry fee, is sponsored by Medical Mutual and is judged by taste, look, and how any ducks can be placed on the cake.

“Our mascot is a rubber duck named Waddles,” says Owens. “He is featured in most of our events.”

The Alpha Group will be holding their annual Zoom Duck Derby on August 3rd at Zoombezi Bay, as well as a wellness walk at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. They’re bringing their 15-foot inflatable duck to get everyone excited. 5,000 rubber ducks will “race” through the lazy river. Duck adoptions start at $5 for a single and go all the way up to $100 for a flock of 27.

“The Alpha Group is a very well established non-profit,” says Owens. “We will be celebrating 50 years in 2020.”

For 50 years and many more to come, The Alpha Group will continue to help individuals on their path to success and champion them along the way.

The Alpha Group has locations in Delaware and Westerville. For more information and how to get involved, check out alphagroup.net./em>


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