Charles Erickson Keeps Columbus Engaged with Special Events

Charles Erickson began his career traveling regularly for work, but now calls Columbus home. Along with his unique skill set, he brings his passion for creating unique, engaging experiences for loyal consumers to local culture through his work as a freelance Event Marketing & Consumer Engagement Specialist. “The defining nature of my work presently, professionally, and personally is understanding marketing from a very consumer-focused, consumer-driven standpoint from working with local businesses.” Through the creation of moments, social to business, Erickson aims for attendees to get the most out of their involvement through interactive measures. He’s also one of the brains behind a successful event series that combines networking with performances called motive. Like most things he is involved with, it is all about winning over his target audience. “The most memorable experiences you have going out from social perspective are the ones where you engaged yourself personally, where you have something to do.”

What would you say about your neighborhood? What makes it stand out for you?
Clintonville is the perfect neighborhood for raising children. It is close to downtown but a safe area with a lot of other families also living in the neighborhood. There are many unique, independent businesses in the neighborhood as well – which is convenient, as several of them are clients of mine.

What other neighborhoods do you frequent and what would you say about them?
I frequent downtown & Short North the most. At least 75% of my clients have offices, restaurants or retail stores somewhere along the High Street corridor. Franklinton is now a common destination as well, mostly due to Strongwater & 400 West Rich.

Favorite Places in Columbus: There are simply too many to name. I love Columbus!

#1 favorite event in Columbus: motive. at Brothers Drake or Damn Girl

If you could have been the inventor of something, what would it be? Square

What inspires you? Life

Pastimes: Conceptualizing & creating social/ nightlife events.

Published on April 6, 2015


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