Clintonville is Columbus’ “free spirit” of the neighborhood family, making it a welcoming area for every walk of life. Young families, in particular, are drawn to the area, often lured by the high-quality schools. And its proximity to The Ohio State University campus attracts graduate students, professors, and university employees. Yet a strong intergenerational current also runs through the community, as multiple family generations have stayed rooted in the neighborhood.

It makes for a lively neighborhood with a rich appreciation for its history, promoted by the Clintonville Historical Society, and celebrated by local businesses. Mozart’s Restaurant and Bakery brought new life to the historical building that once housed the Beechwold Tavern. Another transformed space is Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse, Columbus’s oldest independent movie theater. The neighborhood gem recently modernized the movie experience and added a full bar, all while retaining its historical, quirky charm.

This appreciation for history also reveals itself in the numerous vintage and antique stores that pepper the commercial district. In recent years, Clintonville has become a home décor shopping mecca with destination shops like SoBo Style and Elm & Iron leading the pack.

Active Clintonville residents enjoy a healthy dose of “green” along with their city living. The neighborhood features beautiful ravines, tree-lined streets, and a renowned Park of Roses, home to the Clintonville Arts and Music Festival in September. Green living extends to supporting a number of eco-conscious businesses like Pattycake Bakery and the Clintonville Cooperative Market.

But Clintonville is no stranger to indulgences, featuring several local coffee shops – including Cup o’ Joe, Crimson Cup, and Global Gallery – and a full range of fine eateries. The growing interest in local restaurants prompted the “Taste of Clintonville” to quickly become a beloved annual event. In true Clintonville do-it-yourself spirit, wine lovers can head over to The Winemaker’s Shop to learn how to make their own. Craft beer enthusiasts can fill up growlers at a half dozen stops in the neighborhood including the appropriately named, Growl, and you can cook your own dinner as part of a group at The Seasoned Farmhouse.

Whether the goal is to put down roots, reconnect with the past, or just explore an easygoing neighborhood, Clintonville is a place where many visit and even more are proud to call home.




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