John Boyd Takes the Stage in Columbus

John Boyd

By Audrey Adair, Irvin Public Relations

John Boyd was drawn to Columbus because of its inviting arts scene with plenty of opportunities. His latest theatrical endeavor is Shadowbox Live’s hit musical F#(k Cancer where he portrays Logan — an 18-year-old college student recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. The self-identified “meta-performer” lets us shine a spotlight on his life as a theatric performer, and what it means to not only tackle such a sensitive subject in his latest role, but portray it in a gritty, Shadowbox Live-kind of way.

Audrey: How did you find your way into musical theater?
John: I was four years old when I saw my mom perform on stage at church in The St. John’s Passion Play. That is when I fell in love with theater. I auditioned for the show the following year and I’ve been performing ever since.

Audrey: You’ve had experience working in commercials and other performance platforms. Why is theater so important to you?
John: I would always prefer doing live theater. People’s reactions give me a rush. F#(k Cancer, specifically, has given people a release. If I know I made someone’s day a little better because of my live performance, that’s everything to me.

Audrey: Aside from acting, what else do you like to do within the realm of arts?
John: I love to sing, and I enjoy drawing. I’ve actually designed some tattoos. I also enjoy writing and video editing and production — all of which I’m getting involved with on the Shadowbox Live team.

Audrey: What is the best thing about the Columbus arts scene right now?
John: Columbus has a great stand-up comedy scene. I love living in an area where people open up their space for others to come in and share their talents. It’s not like that anywhere else.

Audrey: How does F#(k Cancer compare to other shows you’ve been a part of?
John: There is absolutely nothing like it. There are happy moments, sad moments and you will cry. It’s uplifting, yet serious — one of the best shows I’ve ever been a part of. I wish I could share this show with everyone.

See John Boyd in F#(k Cancer: The Musical, Jan. 17-26 at Shadowbox Live, 503 S. Front St. in the Brewery District. For show times, tickets and additional information, visit shadowboxlive.org.



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