Keitha Voorheis is Helping her Clients Build Confidence through Cosmetics

Keitha Voorheis

Keitha Voorheis

Interview by Elizabeth Presse

Keitha Voorheis is a Senior Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, a Columbus native, and a musician who works with kids in musical theater. By day she gives guidance to her Mary Kay customers through facials and makeovers that pertains to their personal needs, while doing good for the environment, for cancer research, and in the fight against domestic violence. Once a week she gives her time to workshops for K-12 kids with her other business, Triple Threat Theater. Keitha’s passion for helping other people improves their confidence and self image inside and out. Keitha was recently selected by the Columbus Young Professionals Club as Networker of the Month.

Name: Keitha Voorheis
Age: My grandmother always said, ‘A lady never tells and a gentleman never asks.’ So let’s just say I am within a couple years shy of a big birthday! And this might be the best place to put my 2018 tag line: ‘How old you are is your business… How young you look is mine!’
Occupation: Senior Consultant at Mary Kay Cosmetics and Founder/CEO at Triple Threat Theater
Neighborhood: Galloway
Connect: LinkedIn

Are you originally from Columbus?
I grew up an hour north of Columbus. As I grew up, Columbus was THE hub for everything fun and exciting. My older brother and sister both came to Columbus for college and I followed shortly after for my career after college.

Give us a snapshot of your career path:
I started out at Ohio Northern University as the Director of Institutional Research and Grant Proposal Writer for the development office. In two years I tripled my workload, creating a full battery of research surveys for the ONU Law School and was starting to attend law school there myself. I was offered the Mary Kay business opportunity at the time – I found a sound business marketing plan with an incredible company philosophy and products I love that really work – and all in a company that does good not only for the environment but for cancer research and the fight against domestic violence. I took the dive and started my business and I have been so blessed by the life it has given me.

Tell us about what you do at Mary Kay:
My company is all about experiential marketing. Customers want trusted advisors and products solutions for their specific needs that perform. I work with individuals and groups to design skin care and makeup solutions specific to their needs. I offer this through one-on-one facials/makeovers and group parties as a skin care specialist and professional makeup artist. I also offer guidance and training to my team of powerful humans who are finding what they want and need in their own Mary Kay businesses. And I share this business opportunity with everyone because I believe it is the best company on the planet to be a part of! Along the way, as a result of friends needing help, my overall experience includes teaching business classes on the college level, working for a private marketing agency, substitute teaching in public schools, teaching at a preschool, and working as an office manager and insurance agent. My Mary Kay business is by far the best experience I have ever had.

I also spend one day a week in my hometown of Upper Sandusky teaching musical theater workshops to students ages K-12 through my other company, Triple Threat Theater. TTT is the training playground where students hone their acting, singing, and dancing skills learning what it means to be a triple threat on the musical theater stage. I am looking at spaces in the Columbus area to start these workshops for students here.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, where would you be?
I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else professionally. My bachelor’s degree prepared me to be a public speaker and Public Relations executive in ‘Corporate America,’ but I would not have been happy there. If I take this question more simply my answer would be vacationing on a beach in the tropics!

What is a career goal of yours?
I plan to build a National Area of Mary Kay Consultants and Directors as well as build a team internationally.

Tell us about something you’re passionate about.
I am currently in a face-race to have the most new faces try our products (whether that be a single mask or moisturizer or our entire skin care and cosmetic line) as my team and our sister team of consultants compete in the #MaryKayTryItContest! The prize is an all expenses paid trip to NYC! And if you win, I win. I get to go too! By the way, we not only have the best women’s skin care line but also the best men’s skin care and grooming line on the market.

Favorite Columbus Young Professionals event or activity:
Any event where there is networking with other professionals, especially the Year-End Awards Celebration.

Another CYP Club member you should get to know:
Kris Cannon-Jackson.

Favorite Place in Columbus:
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

If someone were to ask you what the “pulse” of Columbus is, what would you tell them?
People here are overall generous and helpful. Columbus has an incredible attitude of service among local businesses while striving to be the best city in the Midwest.

I can help fellow young professionals by… improving their confidence and self image inside and out because when you look good, you feel good. And by connecting them with resources they need, and people and businesses that will help them find success.

Young professionals can help me by… trying my MK products – just try it!

When I’m not working I am… doing musical theater, going to concerts or shows, playing board games, swimming, hiking, or stargazing in warm weather.

If I won the lottery, I would… donate half to charity and buy an island in the tropics with the rest.

If I could have a superpower, I would choose… Heal people with a single touch. And flying. I would really love to fly.

Best Contact Method for others to get in touch:
Call/Text: 419-310-7372
Email: keithav@marykay.com
Social: LinkedIn

On the third Thursday of every month, the CYP Club hosts a morning networking event called Coffee Talk where everyone gets the chance to connect with a room full of young business professionals. All attendees also have the chance to drop their business card at check-in to be entered to win a featured interview as Networker of the Month. Join the CYP Club for the next Coffee Talk event and you could be featured here!



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