Next Up Columbus 2023: Michael Wise

Michael Wise
Michael Wise

Photo by Melinda Boyd

Interview by Derek Grosso

Name: Michael Wise
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Profession: Founder and CEO at WiseTECH3D
Neighborhood: Northwest Columbus
Education: Kent State University
Community Involvement: Planning Committee Member at the Columbus Museum of Art Wonderball Fundraiser, Board Member at InnovateWorks
Quote: “The greatest gift you can give someone is your time”, “Embrace the Journey, Embody the Growth”
Connect: LinkedIn | Instagram

Give us a snapshot of your path
My professional journey began at Astor and Black, where I gained valuable experience working with high-end clients before transitioning into the field of Healthcare IT. It was during my time with CoverMyMeds and Updox that I discovered a deep passion for technology and its potential to have a positive impact on people’s health. Throughout my life, I have nurtured a love for building and tinkering. In 2019, I founded WiseTECH3D, a 3D print and manufacturing business as a side venture. Notably, WiseTECH3D became the first black-owned 3D printing and manufacturing company in the US. From Ohio Health and The Hand Prop Room to Agape Automation, Toyota, LB Foster, Lundberg Industrial Arts, NetJets, The Crew, Permobil, and many more, I have been privileged to work on exciting projects that push the boundaries of 3D printing and manufacturing.

What gets you up in the morning? And what gets you through the workweek?
It’s a combination of factors that keep me fired up and energized throughout the workweek. The thrill of new challenges and opportunities waiting for me each day is what gets me out of bed. I love the feeling of anticipation, knowing that I have the chance to make a real impact, learn something exciting, and dive into meaningful projects. Additionally, the support and camaraderie of my colleagues play a significant role. I have an awesome support group who are always there to collaborate and listen; together, we create an incredible energy that helps us overcome any hurdles that come our way.

What advice or mentors have helped guide you along the way?
Throughout my journey, I’ve had some amazing mentors by my side. Sean Ramsey, mentor and friend, gave me the confidence to take the leap into entrepreneurship. He’s been a guiding force in my life and helped shape WiseTECH3D. Willie Neumann, another inspiring mentor, and friend, constantly challenges me to think outside the box and take my creativity to new heights. Wendy Palmer, a true powerhouse, pushed me to reach new levels in my career. She’s been an incredible mentor and friend.

The best advice I’ve received from these mentors and many others is simple but powerful: never give up. They’ve shown me that success often comes to those who keep going, even when faced with challenges or setbacks. Their wisdom reminds me to stay resilient, keep a positive mindset, and keep pushing forward.

With their guidance and this important lesson, I’m inspired to persevere no matter how tough the times. I’m determined to chase my goals and make my mark on the world.

What do you do or where do you go to unwind?
I love getting outdoors, going kayaking, and being active. I also find relaxation in watching my favorite movies like The Goonies, The Shawshank Redemption, and any James Bond film. And of course, spending quality time with friends and family, sharing experiences, and laughing, is always a top choice for unwinding.

What are a few of your favorite local spots in Columbus?
A few of my favorite local spots include The Oracle, where I enjoy sipping on a cocktail, especially during their monthly event, Candy Rain. As a self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll often find me indulging at Marcella’s, Bodega, and Dirty Franks

When you were a kid, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up?
When I was a kid, I had different aspirations for what I wanted to be when I grew up. My two biggest dreams were becoming a Disney Imagineer or a weatherman.

What books or podcasts are you reading/listening to right now?
I’m currently listening to Case Kenny’s “New Mindset, Who Dis” and Simon Sinek’s book “Leaders Eat Last”

What does it mean to you to be chosen for the Next Up Columbus award?
Being chosen for the Next Up Columbus award is an incredible honor. It signifies recognition from my community and peers, acknowledging my contributions and potential. It means that my efforts and endeavors have resonated with others and are making a positive impact. This award motivates me to continue pushing boundaries, striving for excellence, and serving as a role model for others in Columbus.

If someone were to ask you what the “pulse” of Columbus is, what would you tell them?
The people of Columbus, no doubt, are the heart and pulse of this city. They bring vibrancy, diversity, and infectious energy. Columbus thrives on its strong sense of community and inclusivity, where folks from all walks of life come together to create an amazing and supportive environment. A true melting pot of creativity, innovation, and collaboration; fueled by their passion to make a real impact on this city’s growth.

The Next Up Columbus Awards highlight emerging leaders who are connectors and ambassadors in central Ohio and who are making a positive impact on the future of Columbus. The Columbus Young Professionals Club would like to offer special thanks to our 2023 co-presenters, Discover Financial, Ohio Dominican University and Quantum Health for their support of this year’s awards program. Meet the entire “Class of 2023” »



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