Nina Wells, Who Goes by “9,” on Their Work as Curator

By Freddie Crocheron, head of programming for ROY G BIV Gallery

Nina Wells, who often goes by “9” is a visual artist and curator based here in Columbus. Nina was recently crowned the winner of ROY G BIV’s 2022 Stacked showcase for emerging artists. The showcase involves sending blank cardboard banker’s boxes to 30 artists in the community; each box is then made into an art piece. If you’d like to see Nina’s box art, the Stacked showcase will be available for viewing at ROY until Friday, Dec. 2.

Freddie: What habits keep you inspired, what fuels your creative diet?
Nina: Habits that inspire me to include conversations with loved ones (and often strangers), writing A LOT and honestly just doing it. Sketching my surroundings or taking photos or videos of what I am seeing. And music, lots of music.

Freddie: Can you talk a little about your artistic journey this year? Are there any highlights or major opportunities that you’re proud of?
Nina: This year has been very eventful. My artistic journey in 2022 has consisted of curating four different exhibitions: Breaking Boundaries: Celebrating CCAD’s Black Creatives at Byers Gallery; Assembled Identities, a group show comprised of various perspectives at CCAD at New Byers Gallery; Subject to Change; my Multimedia Thesis Exhibition at Blockfort Gallery; and MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, & SOOOUUUL: An Exploration of What Makes Us, a group show exploring the psyche of 30 Ohio-based artists, which is currently still on view at The Streetlight Guild.

“ABDUL-FATAAAAH” by Nina Wells

Freddie: What’s the best thing about the Columbus art scene right now?
Nina: The best thing about the Columbus art scene right now is change. Change is happening rapidly in resources and accessibility and the next era of Columbus creatives are all powerhouses. The city can feel the power that is building and is beginning to meet us where we are at.

Freddie: Do you have anything happening that you’d like to plug or mention?
Nina:  The Closing Reception of my most recently curated show MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, & SOOOUUUL will take place Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022 at the Streetlight Guild from 6-9 p.m.!

Keep up with Nina on Instagram at @seven8nina.


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