Nonprofits to Watch in 2023: Form5 Prosthetics

Form5 Prosthetics

Nonprofits to Watch 2023

Photo courtesy of Form5 Prosthetics

“For almost ten years, The Columbus Foundation‘s 5 Nonprofits to Watch platform has been honored to amplify the mission of nonprofit organizations that embody the pulse and essence of Columbus,” said Danielle Tong, Director, Capacity Building & Community Knowledge at The Columbus Foundation. “In recent years, the Foundation’s intentional focus on elevating smaller, lesser known organizations brings with it the acknowledgement of the tremendous value that small nonprofits bring to our city.”

This year’s 5 Nonprofits to Watch are: Black Girl Rising, Inc., Elevate Northland, Form5 Prosthetics, Remember Us Urban Scouts, and Riverview International Center.

Form5 Prosthetics empowers people with limb differences to interact successfully with their world and future through 3-D printing and providing affordable custom-application devices. Believing that the organization’s mission is accomplished best by including the perspective and ideas of the limb difference community, Form5 offers educational programming, which brings participants, students, and industry professionals together to innovate new devices for individuals with limb differences. Learn more at form5prostheticsinc.​org.

Read our interview with Aaron Westbrook, Founder & CEO at Form5 Prosthetics.

Since 2014, The Columbus Foundation’s 5 Nonprofits to Watch platform has honored remarkable nonprofit organizations that are working to strengthen and improve our community. Meet all of the Nonprofits to Watch in 2023 »



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