Old North Columbus

Old North Columbus
Old North Columbus

Old North Columbus is a walkable community close to student life in the University District with plenty of dining and nightlife spots to explore. From traditional pizza joints like Late Night Slice and Hound Dog’s to the exciting Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant and Taj Mahal, you won’t go hungry. Missing an art fix? Wild Goose Creative continuously hosts fun and fantastic events for a night out.

Although the boundaries do not include vast parklands, they do take a piece of the Olentangy Trail via Tuttle Park. This allows residents, predominately 20-24 year olds, the opportunity to experience the Central Ohio Greenways.

A long way from its roots in 1847 – and the Union encampment that used to sit on Dodridge and High Streets – the community once again has a renewed sense of pride. Inspired by the Short North’s neighborhood arches, “Old North Columbus” is framed in steel to mark the territory.



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