Stacie Klein Connects Jewish YPs in Columbus

Maintaining work-life integration is a hot topic for young professionals who are new to the workforce. However, the spiritual side of life often goes overlooked. Stacie Klein, Atid Columbus Director of the Jewish Federation of Columbus, works to connect young professionals in a religious setting. “Engagement most often happens around a shared experience,” she says. Klein provides a way for YPs to connect on this level through honest, open discussion that may not take place in any other realm. “I think it’s really neat to see people from such different places come together for one cause.” When she began her involvement with the organization, they had about two events per month; that quickly grew to six or eight. It was not the need for events that caused the demand for an increase of programming, but the opportunity to meet new people and build on current foundations. “Yes it is event planning, but the Federation’s purpose is to build a strong community. Events themselves don’t make a community; it’s relationships.”

What would you say about your neighborhood? What makes it stand out for you?
Perhaps the thing I like best about Clintonville is how unassumingly awesome it is. We have a treasure trove of unique shops, beautiful spaces to be in nature and the best farmer’s market in town—yet everyone here is humble, kind and welcoming

What other neighborhoods do you frequent and what would you say about them?
I love Olde Towne East! It’s my favorite place to stop over for a coffee, lunch or happy hour because of the great locally owned options and loyal neighbors. I feel it’s underestimated by many, which lends itself to the strong character and camaraderie from those within. I have to give a nod to German Village, my last neighborhood of residence, for the balance it strikes between cool, urban and family-friendly—that’s no easy feat! Plus, it’s a foodie’s paradise.

Favorite Places in Columbus:
Favorite Hangout: Carabar. With local drafts always on tap, Taco Tuesdays’ unconventional offerings ($1 or $2 each!) and live music every weekend, there is something for everyone here.
Favorite Restaurant: Katalina’s. Skip the wait of other Columbus favorites and head here for breakfast. And never, ever skip on the pancake balls.
Favorite Park: Battelle Darby Metropark. It’s a bit of a drive, but there are miles of trails and you can’t beat the foliage in the fall.

Favorite event in Columbus:
Columbus Flea is a seasonal favorite of mine. I am always in awe of the incredible talent of the crafters featured there—from jewelry to leather to prints, plus some really fun thrifting! The culture of community between and amongst vendors and customers achieved there makes the experience that much more pleasant.

If you could have been the inventor of something, what would it be? Matzo ball soup—it’s a little piece of my culture that’s ubiquitous and oh-so-satisfying!

What inspires you? There’s nothing like electric energy when a group of people share a passion and are working together to achieve it. When I experience that, it reminds me to continually seek my spark.

Pastimes: Walking/running: I always seem to notice something new! Cooking and exploring the live entertainment scene (from Actor’s Theatre of Columbus; improv with First Beat Theater; music—especially my personal local favorite EOP).

Published on April 6, 2015



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