Wonderful Workplaces for Young Professionals 2019

Wonderful Workplaces for YPs 2019

Wonderful Workplaces for YPs 2019

CityPulse Columbus has recognized “Wonderful Workplaces for Young Professionals” in and around Columbus since 2013. In partnership with the Columbus Young Professionals Club, Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio, and Human Resources Association of Central Ohio (HRACO), local employers are nominated in categories of Coolness (Attraction), Stickiness (Retention), Community Impact, and Growth Opportunities for emerging leaders. We are pleased to announce the Top 40 Wonderful Workplaces in Central Ohio for 2019:


Accenture has an “energetic feel” in an “awesome Arena District location.” Their offices feature “an open floor plan, exposed ductwork, original brick and comfortable work pods for casual meetings.” This year, Accenture added the Columbus Forge as a satellite office, sharing a floor with Lincoln Social Rooftop in the Short North! In addition to the cool office spaces, Accenture has built a “collaborative culture” where “supportive leaders” are committed to sharing their diverse experiences to make a better experience for everyone.

400 W Nationwide Blvd Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43215



Acceptd is a “small company with heart” where “the founders truly care for their employees and their growth.” Employees are given the “space and freedom to grow and develop personally and professionally.” “It’s more than just the cool office space” – it’s a converted horse barn – and employees enjoy a “stocked sparkling water/beer fridge,” “Summer Fridays,” “walks with ice cream,” and a “remarkable company culture” where team members “exude joy and passion.”

4000 Horizons Dr, Columbus, OH 43220



Founded just two years ago, Agility Partners has worked to “create a company, culture, and environment to attract and retain hard working young professionals.” From a fully stocked kitchen with “the best snacks and beers from around town” to an “unlimited PTO policy,” Agility Partners employees truly enjoy the “work hard, play hard” motto. And how do they know how to cater to young professionals so well? Maybe because “it just so happens that everyone who works at Agility Partners is between the ages of 24-33!”

175 S 3rd St Suite 360, Columbus, OH 43215



Ary Roepcke Mulchaey offers employees “team building experiences, flex time and 2 o’clock Fridays,” all the while “encouraging team members to grow and pushing people to the next level.” Their “professional development program that starts from the bottom up” along with ample opportunities for team members to “take on new tasks to grow and continue to learn” help make ARM a Wonderful Workplace for Young Professionals.

2 Miranova Pl #600, Columbus, OH 43215



AXIA Consulting is “always striving to provide the optimal experience for its employee owners,” and does so in a number of ways through “recruiting, interviewing, and social commitments.” Employees at AXIA can count on socializing outside of the normal 9-5 workday in sanctioned activities like “monthly happy hours, summer golf outings, weekly tennis and platform tennis gatherings. Providing a “a great sense of autonomy for its young professionals,” employees at AXIA enjoy “flexible work schedules” as well as “a strong emphasis on work/life balance.”

1391 W 5th Ave #320, Columbus, OH 43212



BARK is a “great place for those starting out in their careers” as well as “seasoned professionals looking for something new” where “happiness and growth” are top priorities. Additionally, BARK places special emphasis on its diversity and inclusion program, ensuring “all employees are safe and valued within the company.” As for the office digs? BARK’s “amazing office” recently made Inc Magazine’s top 10 most beautiful in the world!

500 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215



Barnes & Thornburg team members are especially proud of their “business services support model, where many teammates have come in at an entry level position and advanced to positions that suit their respective passions and excellence.” In addition, Barnes & Thornburg is “the leader on inclusion and diversity in the Columbus legal community,” with a managing partner who “chairs the Columbus Bar Association’s Managing Partners’ Diversity Initiative.” They also “founded the Gender Equity in the Legal Industry initiative” which is now a “consortium with multiple firms.” Ultimately, Barnes & Thornburg is a “great place to continue to work at or to consider a future with because they want you to succeed.”

41 South High Street, Suite 3300, Columbus, OH 43215



Cardinal Health obviously gets high marks for having an “onsite fitness center and wellness center/pharmacy, coffee shop, flexible and remote work options.” More importantly, employees at Cardinal feel like they’re part of “something bigger” in a “really important and dynamic industry.” At Cardinal, “there is always something going on” from “orchestra concerts in the lobby” to “throwing pies in managers faces” to “raising money for different foundations.”

7000 Cardinal Place, Dublin, OH 43017



“Coolness is a state of mind” at Change 4 Growth where employees benefit from “transparency in leadership” that “breeds trust and loyalty.” Focusing on a “lattice v. ladder approach,” Change 4 Growth has implemented a “sidekick program,” allowing employees “to get to know one another outside of a professional setting to provide coaching and mentoring.” One other bonus: they have a “Happiness Committee” which is comprised “mainly of young professionals!”

371 County Line Rd W, Westerville, OH 43082



In addition to the obvious perk of “coming to work to a ballpark every day,” employees of the Columbus Clippers experience a “family type environment among co-workers” due to the small number of full-time staff members. With seventy home games each season, the main motivation of the Clippers staff is “making sure fans not only have a good time while at the ballpark, but want to come back to the ballpark.”

330 Huntington Park Ln, Columbus, OH 43215



Continental Office leadership has a vision “to be an organization where people can’t wait to work with us,” and they’ve worked hard to build a community where young professionals “feel heard, challenged, appreciated, developed and mentored.” “Centered around what they do for their clients,” the office environment at Continental Office is one that allows “maximum flexibility.” Employees can “sit at a desk, stand, get comfy on a couch, collaborate with others or have a private quiet space” in a “collaborative environment that likes to work hard but play harder.”

130 E Chestnut St, Columbus, OH 43215



The mantra at COTA, the Central Ohio Transit Authority, is “it’s your move.” And that applies to “young professionals of all backgrounds” seeking a “commitment to excellence” with “the region’s transportation leader.” As an “innovative workplace” and “workforce mobility partner,” COTA’s initiatives “envision a way forward” with a “care for the environment,” a “focus on employee growth,” and “sustainability of the Columbus region for all.”

33 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215



Crane Renovation Group is “truly an ideal workplace for young professionals” where “it’s easy to envision yourself long-term” when “the company shows it is invested in you.” Young professionals can most definitely “learn and prosper” at this “family-friendly company” where they “encourage educational opportunities.” Crane Renovation Group “feels like a small company in the community-sense,” while also offering “the daily support that a large company can offer.”

4777 Westerville Rd, Columbus, OH 43231



Dawson is “passionate in regard to giving back to the community” and this is reflected in their philanthropic efforts. Dawson has a “Community Champions committee that spearheads volunteer efforts” including “volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House” and “participating in race water stops.” With “year-long early release Fridays,” “paid birthdays off,” “volunteer time off,” and “wellness and volunteer programs,” Dawson offers many great work perks. The work environment is “free of micromanagement, making it a great workplace for a self-starter.” Additionally, Dawson recognizes colleague achievements through their annual awards night, the DAWSCARS.

1114 Dublin Rd, Columbus, OH 43215



At Discover, employees enjoy a workplace that’s “like a family” where they can be “truly comfortable being themselves.” The work environment is “accepting” and “inviting,” and management is “adaptable to the needs of the team members.” Discover employees also enjoy “an extensive benefits package that features comprehensive insurance, financial planning support and excellent perks.”

6500 New Albany Rd E, New Albany, OH 43054



Event Marketing Strategies is a “living case study of what investing in young professionals looks like,” with perks like “flexible work-time policy, a professional development fund and young people in leadership roles.” The flex time program “allows everyone to work at the times they are most productive and engaged,” whether they’re a “night owl or an early bird.” An added bonus? “Office dogs Wesley, Mojito and Shiloh often come in for visits and make their rounds to all our employees.”

580 N 4th St #230, Columbus, OH 43215



“Culture is the driving force behind Fahlgren Mortine” where employees enjoy “several slightly off-the-wall celebrations throughout the year, and create opportunities to interact with our colleagues in a fun and meaningful way” among other things. As for community impact, “the agency has committed over $2 million in agency time to support nonprofits” in the last five years alone.

4030 Easton Station #300, Columbus, OH 43219



Front Health “operates on a meritocracy,” allowing young professionals to “take on leadership roles based on their merit and abilities, not solely their tenure within the industry.” To celebrate successes, they employ “‘awesome cards” that recognize personal and professional accomplishments of team members, along with “monthly office happy hours and Friday playlists that team members put together to kick start the weekend.” Front Health values “open communication and thoughtful feedback” allowing young professionals to “develop quickly and better understand how to improve and grow.”

500 S Front St Suite 980, Columbus, OH 43215



GBQ Partners, LLC is “changing the way people think about accounting.” Their accountants are “attentive, highly-motivated, passionate, personable, responsible, savvy and sociable.” During tax season (“the most stressful time of year in accounting”), “GBQ provides breakfast and dinner throughout the week, happy hours and an annual ‘end of busy season’ party.” The company offers a “flexible work environment” while placing “trust in its employees” and offering “a sound benefits package.” At GBQ, the clear purpose is to “empower growth of people, communities and their clients’ businesses.”

230 West Street, Suite 700, Columbus, OH 43215



With a mission of “helping girls grow strong and who strive to make a difference,” Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland is a team of “passionate people who strive to make a difference.” Employees are a “group of individuals – each with their own unique skills and passions, but united by a common purpose.” At the core of their values are “diverse perspectives, professionalism, and commitment.”

1700 Watermark Dr, Columbus, OH 43215



Graduate Columbus has “grown team members into managers and supervisors” and has given the “opportunity for a higher wage scale than competitors in the area.” They have built a brand that is “distinct, unique and allows all to be heard” where “guests and staff are living the values shared in the Columbus community.” Each quarter they pick a local charity so that they “can make a larger impact in our community.” Young professionals at Graduate Columbus can expect a culture of “growth from within” at a “rapidly growing company.”

750 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215



Employees at Grange Insurance can expect “benefits of working for a large company with the feel of a family-owned business.” Additional perks include an “onsite fitness center, cafeteria, coffee shop, garage parking, and park space” alongside “company-wide mentoring and job-shadowing programs.” “Grange gives heavily to United Way” and supports various other community nonprofits throughout the year. Associates are “encouraged and rewarded for volunteering their time,” demonstrating that “giving back in actions is just as important as donating monetarily.”

671 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206



The Greater Columbus Convention Center is full of “really great people” who “enjoy working in the heart of the city” where “you know that you’re in a good place when you other colleagues have been there for years.” From the “amazing location” in the Short North Arts District where “there is always something going on” to the onsite art collection, employees at the Greater Columbus Convention Center enjoy “an awesome place to work.” Perks include “new events every week,” “concerts in the company suite at Nationwide Arena,” “Jean’s Day Fridays for charity,” and “volunteering with the Hubbard Mastery Field Day and Ice Cream Social.”

400 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215



At Hamilton Parker, “supervisors and managers are always there to help the young professionals here grow in their current position or move on to another position within the company.” Always “striving for greatness,” the company has recently launched a “mentoring program with our leadership team and some of the upcoming young professionals in the company.” They get extra bonus points for “stickiness” as “30% of employees have been there for over 10 years.” The “ice cream socials and chair massages” don’t hurt either!

1865 Leonard Ave, Columbus, OH 43219



Highlights for Children is a wonderful workplace for young professionals in part because of its Rotational Program which allows “recent grads to work at Highlights for 2 years and rotate through 4 different teams to find what they’re passionate about and hopefully get a full-time job in that division after the program ends.” Additionally, they offer perks like “paid time for volunteering,” “summer hours” and “great benefits and pay for young professional experience level.”

1800 Watermark Dr, Columbus, OH 43215



Infoverity works to maintain a “collaborative, team-based culture where everyone’s voice matters.” As a fun way to “support the ‘data geek’ mindset,” Infoverity employees enjoy an “old-school video game station, foosball table, full kitchen and stocked fridge, coffee station” and other fun perks. With “remarkably little turnover” and “rapid growth,” “young professionals feel like we have the power to steer the company in the direction that we want.”

5131 Post Rd #220, Dublin, OH 43017



On the fun side, employees at Leading EDJE enjoy perks like “beer on tap, video games, prizes, and more.” Professionally speaking, and keeping in line with their technological roots, team members annually embark on “EDJEovation Days,” dividing into teams “for a few days to develop any kind of technological creation we want.” Leading EDJE has developed a culture where “employees are as important as the clients we serve.”

5555 Perimeter Dr, Dublin, OH 43017



Northwoods “pushes itself and its employees further,” encouraging team members to “do our best work and live our best lives” in an environment where “company celebrations, holiday parties, group volunteer efforts, and team-building activities” are the norm. They give back to the community through a “philanthropic arm: The Northwoods Foundation,” which “connects employees with opportunities to positively impact the Columbus region.”

5815 Wall St, Dublin, OH 43017



At ODU, “attention and commitment to each individual employee is unparalleled.” Young professionals benefit from “employee fitness programs and challenges,” tuition-free master’s programs, and a work environment filled with “faculty and staff who are devoted to the university, its mission and its students.” True to its mission, “Ohio Dominican was founded by the Dominican Sisters of Peace who are always expanding opportunities to get staff involved in the community.”

1216 Sunbury Rd, Columbus, OH 43219



OhioHealth employs nearly “30,000 associates, majority of which are young professionals” in Columbus. With a “core value of inclusion,” OhioHealth is “a great place to work for people with all kinds of backgrounds, faiths, and beliefs.” In addition to their own Leadership Academy, OhioHealth “sponsors activities and programs such as CYP Club’s Columbus Impact Academy” to help others “network and grow outside of OhioHealth.” Being such a large organization, “there is no shortage of different jobs and advancement for growth.” OhioHealth has also been named a Fortune 100 Best Employer to Work for 13 years in a row.

Multiple locations in Columbus



“The company’s culture is that of a family” at Overmyer Hall Associates, “celebrating each person’s achievements, in the office and outside of it.” With a growing need for young professionals in the insurance industry, who wouldn’t want to work at a place that makes “coming into work enjoyable and turns coworkers into life-long friends.” Additionally, the CEO has a “warm personality and takes everyone’s ideas into consideration with our open door policy.”

1600 W. Lane Ave #200, Columbus, OH 43221



“Corporate office dog is just one of the ways Preferred Living rocks!” Employees enjoy “all-you-can-eat snacks, company luncheons, canoe outings, Top Golf adventures, Christmas parties with televisions, iPads, and grills as giveaways,” all in a work environment with a company that “genuinely cares about all its employees.” And as for community impact, “Every year Preferred Living does a drive for Catholic Social Services for the Lady of Guadalupe Center, sponsors 60 children and gives, gives, and then gives some more.”

750 Communications Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43214



Quantum Health is “a great place to start or further your career as a young professional,” where “people go out of their way to make each other feel special.” Employees at Quantum can count on “parties and celebrations throughout the year,” “free trips and prizes to win, plus games and activities.” Continuity is key here, as “the majority of the people hired early on are still employed at Quantum.” “Hard work and dedication” are also valued as the company is growing, and “so the opportunity to grow with it is amazing.” “It really is a wonderful organization that promotes the success of each team member, not only at work but in their personal lives as well.” Said one appreciative employee: “Quantum is the best place I have ever worked” and plenty of others agree!

5240 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, OH 43017



Schneider Downs encourages young professionals to “show entrepreneurial drive with the mentoring of established partners in the firm.” Team members at SD enjoy “many staff-forward policies such as increasing annual PTO allowances, allowing staff to ‘dress for their day’,” and “encouraging staff to bring forward their own ideas to improve the business.”

65 E State St Suite 2000, Columbus, OH 43215



Scotts Miracle-Gro has the placed engagement of its “youngest professionals top of mind,” and provides “unmatched benefits, opportunities to learn and grow through numerous development opportunities, and leaders who take the time to mentor” its young professional team members. An onsite wellness center “dedicated to healthful living” and a “leadership speaker series” are both offered throughout the year. And for young professionals who want to give back, SMG offers “Give Back to Gro” days, allowing team members to take a day to “philanthropically impact their communities.”

14111 Scottslawn Rd, Marysville, OH 43040



ScriptDrop is “more than just a startup company where cool and brilliant people work.” ScriptDrop is “a solution being developed and scaled by young professionals looking to change 1 billion lives by making medication more accessible,” and while doing so, these young professionals are “enhancing their own professional and personal life with the tools leadership provides.” The company “welcomes outstanding young professionals” to be “creative, passionate and excellent in the work they produce” in a “state-of-the-art” office environment. Team members enjoy “happy hours, kickball games and other fun activities,” along with “catered lunches, a free gym membership, mandatory mental health days, cozy rooms and flexible out of office schedules.”

855 Grandview Ave #110, Columbus, OH 43215



“Love what you do & have fun doing it” are two of the mottos associates at Together & Company live by. “A great place for hungry young professionals,” team members at Together & Company enjoy benefits like “an open work setting, a creative atmosphere, and a values-driven culture.” Employees also experience an “incredibly passionate” CEO who values “one-on-one coaching and spends the majority of her time building up the young members of her team in which she sees potential and drive.”

550 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215



Based in Silicon Valley, Upstart opened their second headquarters in Columbus in 2019, “hiring many recent graduates” who “have already been promoted to leadership positions.” Young professionals love the “flexible schedules, casual work environment, on-site gym, generous PTO, annual personal development and tech budgets,” as well as the ability to work with colleagues on the west coast. Upstart supported many community initiatives, including “Columbus Pride Festival,” “our first Pelotonia team to support cancer research at The James” and Upstart Community Week “where Upstarters across the country participated in community service projects.”

711 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215



Woda Cooper Companies is a “wonderful, rewarding workplace” where team members are “part of an effort to advance green building practices,” as well as “contribute to providing high-quality affordable housing to low income communities.” At Woda Cooper Companies, employees enjoy “wellness trainings, both financial and health centered,” as well as perks like the annual “Employee Appreciation Week,” where “employees are invited to participate in light-hearted activities and events to encourage interaction and fun in a relaxed atmosphere.”

500 S Front St, Columbus, OH 43215



Zipline Logistics is a place where “highly successful team members are resourceful, proactive and take accountability for all aspects of serving customers and growing the business.” Their purpose is to improve the lives of transportation professionals, and employees are definitely “serious about customer service, teamwork, and collaboration.” Employees enjoy “work perks” including a relaxed dress code, “PTO for birthdays and work anniversaries, monthly happy hours, and ‘Friday beers,’” among other things.

2300 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43215


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