Goodale Park

Goodale Park

Goodale Park is surrounded by Victorian Village, a cluster of homes with charming architectural features. It is the oldest park in Columbus and among the oldest in the United States.

Although Goodale Park contains an expansive playground and tennis courts, the park’s main attraction is its view of the Columbus skyline and the serenity offered alongside a scenic pond and the charm of the gazebo and of its historic park shelter. A walk through Goodale Park is a refreshing experience.

The Friends of Goodale Park, a volunteer group that works to improve the park conducted a tree inventory of the park. The park boasts a very impressive tree collection, in terms of numbers, 650+ trees, and species represented, 169, not including various cultivars. The inventory took more than 2 years to complete, but was well worth the effort and the Friends are happy to share the knowledge of the jewels of the park with others.


120 W. Goodale St., Columbus, OH 43215



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