Alex Young Aims to Tell the Stories No One Else is Seeing

Alex Young

Alex Young

Interview by Steph Greegor

Name: Alex Young
Age: 28
Profession: Videographer and Podcast Host, The Powerful Mind
Neighborhood: Clintonville
One-word description: Authentic
Quote: “I like to think of myself as someone who will tell the story no one else is seeing.”
Connect: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

Alex Young has a delightful smile that makes others take notice wherever he goes. Even just a phone conversation with this 28-year-old Young Professional to Know will leave you energized.

“My passion is to add value wherever I can,” said the Ohio State University graduate, who earned a B.A. in Communications after being home-schooled before attending Centennial High School his senior year. His current career didn’t follow a straight line, though; in fact, the videographer and podcaster fell into it by accident.

“Podcasting came first,” said Young, who was actually born in Texas. “It started as a personal project. I had many different mentors in my life and I found myself writing about them, so eventually I decided it might be a good idea to record what they were teaching me. I was surprised by the reception I got. It resonated with people.”

That’s when Young discovered he had a real love—and knack—for storytelling.

“People learn best through story, rather than be told a lecture,” said the Clintonville resident. “Through video, viewers live vicariously through a person who’s walked the same path.”

So Young began to tell his own stories through video, recording his life daily.

“I was making a new video every single day and creating videos for those videos,” he said. “Requests for those videos started piling up and it grew organically from there.”

Young often follows clients around “doing what they do,” he said and “capturing what may otherwise go unseen.”

“I like to find the essence of what is there,” said Young.

Outside of work, Young volunteers with the nonprofit Simply Living, talking to audiences about minimalism and how it can help folks live a meaningful life.

“I also host a podcast called ‘The Powerful Mind,’” Young said. “There, entrepreneurs and CEOs share their best tips for living a successful life, while building and running successful businesses.”

In his spare time, Young enjoys the Clintonville neighborhood where he lives, attending the Farmer’s Market or enjoying the comradery of fellow artists and entrepreneurs at The Salt Mines coworking space.

“Things that have a natural, local feel to them, where people really get to know each other,” he said.

And when guests come to town, Young is quick to show them the Short North Arts District or German Village to “get a feel for the culture here.” But nailing down a place to eat in Columbus? That’s a quandary for Young.

“I don’t know a place I don’t like to eat in Columbus,” he laughed. “I like everything I’ve been to. One place that I went recently was The Banana Leaf off of Bethel Road. I really like that place.”

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