January 22, 2021
Cbus Leaders Hope in 2021

25 Young Columbus Leaders Share their Hopes for 2021

We asked 25 young Columbus leaders to answer the question: “What are you hopeful for in 2021?” and here's what they had to say.
January 19, 2021

Veronica Heer on Directing and Her Trajectory in Theater

Veronica Heer does not let a pandemic get in the way of her passion for theater, keeping herself busy directing one of six plays to be presented at the Conservative Theatre Festival.
January 12, 2021

Felicia DeRosa Builds Inclusivity Through Art and Conversation

Felicia DeRosa is an internationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artist, educator and activist who landed in Columbus in 2010 and never left.
December 22, 2020

Dancing Through a Pandemic, Rachel Maynard Brings Light to Columbus

Rachel Maynard is artistic director of Oyo Dance Company, a non-profit dance organization committed to providing motivation and education in the arts of dance.