May 24, 2022

Kate Morgan Returns to the Columbus Arts Festival

Kate Morgan has exhibited at the Columbus Arts Festival several times, starting in the Emerging Artist program and graduating to a full-time festival artist. She’ll be appearing at the Festival this June 10-12.
June 9, 2020

Evangelia Philippidis on Her Inspirations and Staying Creative During the Shutdown

Growing up in Athens, Greece, Evangelia Philippidis was influenced by the art of the ancient world and is bringing that to the Columbus Arts Festival in Place.
April 3, 2020
Tom Katzenmeyer

The 2020 Columbus Arts Festival is Canceled due to COVID-19

By Tom Katzenmeyer, President & CEO of the Greater Columbus Arts Council
May 28, 2019

Chris Equizi on Creating Virginia West, Mentoring New Drag Queens and Hosting Pride! at the Fest

Chris Equizi, creator of drag queen Virginia West, shares about the art of drag, hosting at Pride and what the House of West is all about.