November 22, 2022

Nina Wells, Who Goes by “9,” on Their Work as Curator

Nina Wells, who often goes by “9” is a visual artist and curator based here in Columbus. Nina was recently crowned the winner of ROY G BIV’s 2022 Stacked showcase for emerging artists.
November 8, 2022

Aaron Jackson is Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society’s Tuba Man

Aaron Jackson, a long-time board member of the Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society, was a music educator for 37 years and has been a working musician for over 40 years.
October 25, 2022

Carlos Roa Features in Raices/Roots for Latine and Hispanic Heritage Month

Carlos Roa, who goes by “Roa,'' is a local artist and owner of Fifth Element Tattoo Gallery. He’s featured in this month's Latine and Hispanic arts exhibition at Wild Goose Creative.
October 11, 2022

Costume Couture Designer Que Jones Returns for HighBall Halloween’s 15th Anniversary

This year, HighBall Halloween welcomes back eight-time Costume Couture designer Que Jones, and design partner Steve Puhl, for the event’s 15th anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 22.